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from oregon. >> well i think this is a terrific vote for the u.s. senate. we have had a form of paralysis that has afflicted this institution and it has done great disservice to the american people. >> reporter: three democrats voted with republicans yesterday, carl levin of michigan, joe manchin of west virginia and mark pryor of arkansas. levin expressed concern this could lead to more changes in the senate. >> when the precedent is set, that a majority of this body can change the rules at will, which is what majority did today, if it can be changed on judges, or on other nominees, this precedent is going to be used, i fear, to change the rules on consideration of legislation. >> reporter: for now the obama administration will get federal judges approved more quickly. if there is need for cabinet shuffle, it will be easier to appoint new people to the posts. at some points when democrats are out of power, republican leaders are warning they will regret this move. patti ann? jenna: mike emanuel, live in washington, thanks. jon: while the filibuster rule change in the senate
and leveled entire neighborhoods. mike tobin in hard-hit washington, illinois, with more for us now. mike? >> reporter: jenna, this is one of the two neighborhoods absolutely leveled when the tornado touched down in washington, illinois. across the debris field hundreds of homes are reduced right down to the ground. the national weather service is estimating that the tornado that ripped through here carryed winds of 170 to 190 miles an hour. now the sun is up, and with dawn resumes the miserable task, picking through the cold finding debris and what belongings can be salvaged and what remains to be kept. as we look through hundreds of homes in two different neighborhoods, devonshire and trails end neighborhood. it happened in a matter of minutes. storm chasers said the sirens whaled by 11:05. by 11:08 the funnel cloud was on them. one storm chaser described what it is like to be caught in the cloud. >> it is not like it is in the movies. i didn't see a pretty blue center. i did look up. the debris was unbelievable t was very dark, the wind, i can't really describe. it was a sound, they sa
.gov. a memo, from october 11th, shows, quote, the same portal is used to determine eligibility no matter how the application is submitted, paper or online. so improving that experience for everyone matters and there is coordination to improve that experience. that was written 10 days before president obama said the 800 number is an easy alternative to the website. now the white house says, they will not meet their target of nearly 500,000 enrollments one. >> i can promise you the first enrollment numbers released later this month will not be where we want them to be. no question about that. the website has not worked the way we want to work. we take responsibility for that. take responsibility for the errors. and take responsibility for fixing it. if we get the website working as we expect to do by the end of the month we think it will be in a good place. >> reporter: one man in south carolina created that account unknowingly had the information transmitted to random stranger until the stranger left him a voice mail. now laak makers are worried problems like that could get a lot worse. >> th
now everybody is properly focused on us not doing a good job on the rollout. and that is legitimate and i get it. there have been times where i thought we were, kind of you know, slapped around a little bit, unjustly. this one's deserved. right, it's on us. >> reporter: still mr. obama has a job to do when meets win insurance executives later today. though aides say they have been in close contact with those executives all along, suggesting that the so-called fix is not a surprise to them. it is also not been warmly received quite frankly. ceo of america's health insurance plans said in a written statement, quote, changing the ruse after health plans already met the requirements of the law could destablize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. some insurance experts think the industry will bo along with the president's request since it will allow companies to continue to sell policies that were profitable before they had to meet the standards of obamacare. jenna, jon? jon: wendell goler at the white house for us this morning. get that tree in the ground, wendell. t
. and it all goes back to this promise that he made to us. don't worry, it will not affect you. it will not affect quality of care. you will not lose your insurance. goes back to a fundamental commitment that he made to the american people. jon: yeah, that sound bite has certainly been played and republicans are saying it is going to be a huge issue in the elections coming up less than a year from now. nina easton from fortune magazine. thank you. >> thank thank you,. >> right now there are eight legislative days left in 2013 and no budget deal. house minority leader nancy pelosi commenting on that a short time ago. >> time's awasting, the clock is ticking and this is the republican agenda for 2014. you think that is funny? an agenda that is nothing? >> we're awaiting house speaker john boehner. he is set to speak shortly. jon: also janet yellen is one step closer to becoming the next chairman of the federal reserve. the senate banking committee voting moments ago to send her nomination to the floor by a 14-8 vote. >> i move that the committee approve favorably the nomination o
in afghanistan. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with us. so there is a big day tomorrow and what exactly is happening and why is this significant? >> about 2500 carbo tribal elders will decide the fate of whether any u.s. troops will be able to stay in afghanistan post-2014. it's called a loya jirga and it's so important to the process of getting a bilateral improvement. remember he flew out to afghanistan last month when it looked like the deal was on the rocks. and the reason this is so important is you have to remember that the u.s. failed to reach an agreement in iraq and had to go all the troops out at the end of the war and none could stay behind and train iraqi forces or carry out counterterrorism operations. a lack of agreement would severely impact droned strikes being carried out. so all of us are going to have our eyes on the loyola lilla jÜ. >> that came out of the office yesterday now it appears that susan rice said there is no letter, and this is different from what we heard yesterday. >> more broadly i would reiterate that we take every civilian casualty seriously and we
for the hill who joins us now. so the white house is sending its people out to try to make good headlines, positive press in smaller markets. >> that's exactly right. and they're doing this because the press coverage from the national media has been so brutal over the last two months. we know that the insurance exchanges debuted with serious technical problems on october 1st, and those have continued into this week. in fact, healthcare.gov, the federal enrollment web site for obamacare, experienced an unscheduled outage yesterday, only days before the november 30th deadline that the administration said it would have the web site fixed by. so i think that their strategy is to go into these local communities and hope that smaller papers, local papers will tell individual stories of people being helped by the affordable care act and help kind of fend off this more negative narrative coming from the national press. jon: but it's a little backward, isn't it? or there's a bit of a catch 22 here? they're going to these states to try to get people to sign up for, you know, to sign up on healthcar
that does it for us >> thanks for being with us. happening now begins right now. >> right now today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. >> the moment of truth is obamacare is here. hours away is the administration's deadline to fix their website arrives tomorrow. and retailers are hoping for a holiday miracles as millions are hitting stores hunting for black friday deals and steals. a violent turn in some spots, though. there is a new study linking high cholesterol and breast cancer. that is raising concerns for women around the county. it is all happening now. >> less than 24 hours to go until the white house's self-imposed deadline to fix the error-plagued website. >> i am ed henry in for jenna lee. did you have a good turkey? >> wonderful. we are excited for you to be in new york >> i am so excited to be here. >> new signs for the administration of trouble. medicare officials have dialing back and the progress tomorrow and scrapping the enrollment record that was planned for december. >> november 30th doesn't represent a relaunch of health care dot gov.
of us predicted because people are losing their coverage and not being able to sign up. >> reporter: the administration's target for year one remains seven million new enrollments in the federal marketplace. they're about 6,950,000 short of that, with 139 days to go. connell: that's a big gap, peter. what are lawmakers asking the administration to do? >> reporter: arthel, we heard democrats and republicans alike demanding an investigation but now those calls are growing louder and more specific especially now this morning from democratic north carolina senator kay hagen. we got a copy of a draft letter she is writing to the government accountability office quote, taxpayers are owed a full and transparent accounting how the vendors contracted to build the site failed to launch it successfully. we strongly urge you to undertake a complete, thorough investigation to determine the causes of the design and implementation failures of healthcare.gov. senator hagen says she wants to know how much the big tech surge to fix the website will cost taxpayers. she called this morning on a confere
her plan can you keep it. >> republicans think the website problems could be used to delay the requirement for people by health insurers if they can buy it by the end of march but the insurance plan standards they feel threatened the whole affordable care act. jon. jon: thank you. jenna: well, a white house's space in some sharp over the president's often repeated promise. jay carney miscarried up with reporters during yesterday's daily briefing. take a listen. speak of it ha hasn't been chand or canceled you can keep it. but it is being changed and canceled. insurance companies say they are making these changes because they are being forced by the new law. >> i see some heads shaking because that represents a misunderstanding. speak again, you have no requirements for insurance company to include these different policies that were not included before. he said you can bypass the website and apply in person that he can be done in 25 minutes so the end of the day we are all stuck in the same queue while they all have to go through the same portal. >> i get it, but the person
foreign affairs with us. it does not seem to have solved the problem so far. speak out not it is late as well since it has been cleared for weeks. people an individual market getting cancellation notices and for some of that time the white house continues to say if you like your insurance, you can keep it. president is headed to an orleans to talk about the economy in his nbc interview he said he wanted to make sure with obamacare the insurance people buy is worth having. president obama: i want to make sure the insurance people buy is effective, it is going to deliver what they think they are purchasing because what we know is before the law was passed a lot of these plans people thought they had coverage and then they find out the huge out-of-pocket expenses. >> traveling with the president aboard air force one supporting a bill that would have companies inform consumers their policies and fall short of current standards and tell them what is available that is better. patti: how are republicans reacting to the president's apology? spea>> they want the president o make good on his or
for the administration today coming to you live. some 29 million americans could end up using the exchanges and of those 70 million will qualify for subsidies. that doesn't include the thousands that will benefit from extended medicare. so a silver lining today. senior white house correspondent is on the north lawn with the latest. the president continues to sell obamacare as an improvement for so many people who have insurance but then you have these new numbers today. >> he does continue to sell it as an improvement even though a lot of people owned up paying more for their insurance. insurance themselves will be more comprehensive although critics said will contain coverage some people feel they don't need. insurance executives through the reasons people and individual insurance market are getting cancellation notices is because most of them bought their policies after obamacare was signed into law. >> the primary reason the current policies are not grandfathered is because people enrolled in those policies sometime in the last three and a half years. there is a tremendous amount of turnover that hap
'm jenna lee. jon: those numbers are unbelievable. i'm jon scott. for weeks the administration told us millions of people visited healthcare.gov. but they dodged all the questions how many people actually purchased polys. now administration documents show only six people managed to sign up for insurance policies on the first day of the exchanges. although the white house says these numbers are not official. and to add to the technical issues keeping people off the site, thousands are now getting letters in the mail telling them their current plans are canceled because of the arrival of obamacare. we have all remember the president selling the affordable care act to the american voters by saying, if they liked their insurance policy, they could keep it. listen. >> like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> well now the president is trying to clarify that promise. here he is in boston on wednesday. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act b
man or woman a hug and to show a big smile and our gratitude. they keep us safe here every single day. we couldn't do it without them. i know there are parades today. there is one here in new york celebrating our veterans. is that enough locally especially for veterans that returned from vietnam who maybe didn't get the welcome that they felt they deserved and many of us agree? >> yeah, i remember getting off the plane in san francisco airport on the 21st of october, 1969 being told about it sergeant there at the military terminal, get out of your uniform, captain. get on civilian clothes. you don't want to go through san francisco like that. boy the world has changed, hasn't it? most highly regarded institution in america bar none is our military and the last 48 or so years have gone, seen an enormous change in the attitudes of the american people for the sacrifice of our men and women. remember, now, less than 1% of the population have been carrying the load of this war for the last 10 years. that is unprecedented in our history as a nation, jamie. >> they are incredible. what a for
taxpayers a whole lot of money. we have a lot going on today. we're glad you're with us. we'll be on top of it all and bring you news as it happens. jon: right now, to our top story. we're awaiting a statement from president obama on the botched rollout of obamacare. we don't expect him to say that it was botched but i never know. the cancellation of millions of health care policies as well is something he is expected to address. fox news has learned the president will announce a plan to let those americans keep their insurance plans if they have them. more on that as we get it. right now lawmakers on capitol hill are still trying to get to the bottom of the failed health carrollout as another house panel gets set to consider new legislation. good morning to you. it is a very busy morning. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. jon, you bring up a great point. what would the president say about the actions thus far in the six weeks of the rollout? jon: right. thus far not much indication from the white house that he thinks there is a great deal wrong. jenna: we'll see what he has to say. w
and use extra caution and do not be in a hurry and there's just too much traffic and too much bad weather out there to get anywhere fast on this day. jenna: that's great advice. thank you, rick leventhal. jon: strong words from the president about obamacare as he lashes out at republicans. but he says that he is going to fight for it. >> we're going to continue to implement a health care law. the product is good, people wanted, and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt is because they get sick. and anyone who's going to keep on pushing against that, they will meet my resistance because i am willing to fix any problems at there are, but i'm not going to abandon people to make sure that they've got health insurance in this country and that is not something that we will do. this is something that we will keep fighting for because it's worth fighting for. i am not an ideological guy, but there are some things that i truly believe. jon: joining us now is nina easton from the washington columnist from "fortune" magazine and a fox news contributor. to quote the presiden
in significantly. >> are using that in the individual market, insurance rates are going down? >> i didn't say they are going down, but that the rates are lower than even what was predicted. for millions of people in the market, they will actually for the first time ever have some financial help paying for their health insurance. >> we are going to have to move on here. >> mr. chairman, one of the toughest public service jobs i have ever had is the elected insurance commissioner of florida. and one of the most bedeviling insurance markets was the individual insurance policy. because what would happen people would be enticed to come in with cheap health insurance and then over time as the group got older and sicker, there was no control on the rates and they would go up and then they found limited health insurance. that is what the affordable care act is trying to address and we are talking about the individual insurance policies are not the group policies. in this particular case we now have no lifetime limits and we don't have pre-existing conditions and you can each look in your states and f
the number of users accessing the website. they are also acknowledging the frustrations of those using health care.gov. >> our team is making progress in the website is getting better each week. and we will make this progress ever-growing rate. reporter: your eyesight is set to appear on capitol hill today. he is here and he is answering questions. jenna: what are they saying about the health care website problems? reporter: they are saying that they are working round-the-clock to try to fix things and their allies saying that despite the fact that they had years to get this set up, the administration took shortcuts when launching the website. >> we will discover and will continue to discover that the efforts were taken to cut corners to meet political deadlines at the end. that for political reasons, things were not done in a timely fashion in many cases we need to see what took place this year. >> in my personal opinion, your accusations denigrated a reputation with absolutely no legitimate basis. and as i said, you owe him an apology. >> he says today he is comfortable saying that he is ca
rules that have been thrust upon us. here is a.b. stoddard, an editor of "the hill": this line in "the wall street journal" caught our eye and i want to read it for our viewers. many employers are betting that the affordable care act requirement that all americans have health insurance starting in 2014 will bring more people into their plans that have previously opted out. that along with other rising expenses is prompting companies to raise workers premium contributions and steer them towards high deductible plans and charge them more to cover family members. these are people who have insurance right now, and the costs are going up despite what the president says. i see you got a little cough they are. >> sorry about that. there are a couple of pressures on employers. they have to cover more people and they are finding that the plans in compliance with obamacare are more eccentric with a higher out-of-pocket costs and deductibles. so they are not only toying with how they are actually going to pay this. it might be new for people who opt out, and if they are healthier and younger, but
day parade. it was cold million bucks and ws all of the money used for. >> inviting inspectors to nuclear sites but making it clear they will continue. is this trouble with the nuclear deal? >> and some stores opening today. but shoppers may get less than what they bargain for. what you need to know before you hit the malls. it is all happening now. first. the race is on to fix the obamacare website before the deadline >> we hope you are having a hap hap hap happy thanksgiving day. the obamacare technology team is scrambling to build a new part of the website. a work around the clock sort of deal that would allow people to buy insurance without relying on the site. the easy app would apply to those that are eligible for financial help from the government and let them enroll for coverage without first calculating their exact subsidy. using estimates only, call centers and insurance companies, and brokers, would help people enroll in plans. that is facing concerns for a great number of insurers. >> happy thanksgiving, to you. what is the main insurance obamacare concern? >> they
on capitol hill with more on this. mike, catch us up a little bit. what has been said so far? >> reporter: lawmakers note it is 50 days since the launch of healthcare.gov and it is still not functioning normally. they are questioning when the website will be up and running. they also want to ask about with the mad scramble to get healthcare.gov up and running if the personal and private information of millions of americans are truly secure. they call into question testimony that health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius gave back in april. >> back on april 18th, secretary sebelius testified in this room we have the federal hub on track and on time. i can tell you we are on track. those are her words. we now know that the secretary's testimony did not match what was happening behind the scenes. >> reporter: some democrats have complained all the emphasis on security may scare americans away from signing up for health care, jenna. jenna: mike, what more have we learned about what was known about the website issues? >> reporter: we know that an outside consulting firm was brought
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